The month may be the greatest gay club in Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro gay bars include delivered throughout the whole city using the highest concentration are around Lapa, Copacabana and Ipanema.

Most of the time you certainly will start with beverages and find yourself dancing towards the end on the night because of the very good-looking Brazilian homosexual guys.

The sole distinction between spots is the venue size a€“ for all the proportions queens amongst your, you should investigate superclub a€?The few days’:

Gay Bars Lapa

It is not acknowledged a homosexual neighbourhood but we noticed enough couples walking on hand in hand a€“ they felt extremely relaxed and open.

The Day Gay Club a€“ Rio De Janerio (Lapa)

The price tag attain in is just about $15 and they’re going to provide a drinks credit. You employ this receive drinks during the night time then settle the expenses on the way out by giving them the cards back.

With it becoming this type of popular dance club the beverages are costly when compared to other areas a€“ but chatango room it’s prominent for a good reason!

Don’t neglect to just take ID, we believe you can easily simply take a photocopy which means you need not have countless valuables on you.

Buraco da Lacraia

This homosexual pub is actually for enjoyable and never to be taken too severely. Here you have got a dancefloor playing a variety of pop music and Brazilian sounds, stage series, karaoke (which people love) and a dark room! Cannot miss out the shows on Fridays.

From the second floor the hosts put on merely aprons and bend connections a€“ they will be guaranteed to capture your attention!

Anexo Lounge

This might be a bar/restaurant that you might would you like to start at a bit earlier in the day within the evening. If you are searching for a more energetic evening here then you should go within weekend for shows.

Gay Pubs Copacabana

Once you have got a few homosexual evenings out in Lapa, have a look at gay taverns in Copacabana. There isn’t quite as much but it’s however worth investing per night out here!


This is exactly limited gay friendly nightclub in Copcabana (Fridays will be the a€?gayest’). They plays a genuine mixture of music from chart pop to techno and quarters. Check out on the website in advance observe exactly what evening is on.

La Cueva

This is the earliest homosexual club in Rio in Copacabana. Title means a€?The Cave’ provided the below street degree. This one promotes alone as a bear club.

TV Club

The number pull evenings and often there can be a little address cost but products tend to be affordable. Some other evenings an unbarred club is roofed from inside the rate therefore maintain as of yet to their Facebook webpage.

Gay Bars Ipanema

Even though homosexual beach can be found in Ipanama there are not too many homosexual taverns here. TV club which we mention above simply from the edge of Copacabana and Ipanema thus maybe mentioned for both. However, you should check:

Galeria Cafe

If you need a homosexual bar in Ipanama next this is basically the one for Friday evenings. You will find a audience and you can expect (the favorite) stereotypically homosexual pop audio. Really a somewhat tiny pub and can have packed.

Gay Beaches, Rio De Janeiro

There are 2 gay shores in Rio that you need to visit. Farme Gay Coastline Ipanema and Bolsa Gay Seashore Copcabana.

You will easily find both simply by spotting the rainbow flags proudly elevated. The shores listed below are most personal. A spot for products with buddies, leading enhance bronze, show off the new speedos and meet brand-new pals. You can also find pub promoters around selling tickets toward events afterwards than evening.


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